Heavy Machinery Transport in Penrith

Heavy Machinery and Tilt Tray Transport in Penrith

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Dickies towing and transport service 

Was started in 1997 by Richard and his partner Narelle established in Kingwood NSW starting with their first truck, a 1970s Ford f350 and over the last 14 years building the fleet up to 16 trucks and 5 low loader trailers for the bigger transport and towing jobs throughout New South Wales, particularly around Penrith, Kingswood ., Cambridge Park, Oxley Park and all the way to Sydney.

Dickies Towing and Transport has its own depot at 72 Cox Ave Kingswood NSW for lock up storage, wash bay and mechanic shop to maintain the up keep of the truck transport fleet, and a 25,000 litre water tank to supply the location and its part to recycle water for lower consumption of water use. 

Heavy machinery transport Penrith

Dickies has serviced the NRMA accident contract in the Penrith area for a period of 10 years and also services some major companies with Coates hire, Atlas cop co, Cat energy power systems just to name a few.

We service heavy machinery transport, tilt tray transport and equipment transport services.

Dickies towing and transport uses locally owned companies for tyres, mechanical work, paint and panel repairs, uniforms, independent service station, printing stationery and any other needs this to keep the dollar in the local community and help support local business and employees.

Dickies towing and transport uses regular drug and alcohol testing for all employees to make sure other road users are safe on the road whilst near out employees.

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